HNA JEWELLERY: Jewellery to last a lifetime

Our Story

HNA Jewellery is an up-and-coming British brand based in Manchester. Each piece is handmade by the designer and maker, Helen Naylor with a focus on showcasing each individual stone. Many of the pieces feature both sterling silver and gold in their designs, emphasising a modern and contemporary approach to the jewellery. Significant attention to detail is given to each item, with many pieces being either custom made or a unique, one off piece.

Helen's most recent Limited Edition collection, 'The Bard', is influenced by her love of literature. Each piece is based on a different Shakespeare play, with a quotation to match the theme it is based around. Surrounding the collection, is the idea of timelessness as just like Shakespeare's plays, the jewellery in the collection is made to withstand the test of time.


If there is a particular piece you are interested in, or you would like something similar, please get in touch via the contact page.