The Bard

Limited Edition

As a lover of literature, Shakespeare has always been a passion of mine and I have enjoyed expressing this passion through my jewellery. Each piece is based on a Shakespeare play, emphasising how just like his plays, the pieces are timeless which played a significant role in my designs. 

I love mixing my metals, so it felt only natural to use both silver and gold in each piece. Alongside this, I have used a variety of gemstones, showcasing their natural beauty and representing different aspects of the plays they are based on. 

Each piece of jewellery from this collection comes with a matching quotation from the play it is based on, which I feel epitomises the concept behind it.

There are several more pieces yet to be completed as part of 'The Bard Limited Edition' collection. I hope you enjoy browsing through each piece and keep checking for new designs.

Helen Naylor